Evolution of the Brain

Why Study Sea Snail Brains?

Do you ever read about a study that’s received a million dollar grant and think, “Who would spend a million…

Unconstrain Your Brain

I'm always looking for another justification for going on vacation and leaving work behind. Fortunately, Jonah Lehrer, a fabulous science…
Chronic pain

Physical Pain and Emotional Pain

I usually think of of physical pain and emotional pain as fairly separate phenomena. Physical pain is caused by certain…
Evolution of the Brain

Neanderthal Brains, Human Brains

There's a lot of debate around the similarities and differences between humans and Neanderthals. Were Neanderthals truly a different species…

Why Do We Vote?

Tomorrow many of us will head out and hit the polls, if we haven't already mailed in our absentee ballots.…
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