New Year, New BrainHQ

One of our goals here at Posit Science is to make BrainHQ the best brain training program in the world.…
Brain Exercise

Memory, IQ and EQ

We spend a lot of time building solutions to improve memory and the brain's speed and accuracy ... we understand how…
Brain Plasticity

Distracted Driving and the Brain (Part II of II)

Cognitive ability is a critical measure of safe driving ... understanding that point the way toward improving our ability to deal with the many distractions beyond texting that we can't eliminate or legislate.
Brain Plasticity

Distracted Driving and the Brain (Part I of II)

I am disappointed that distracted driving has been myopically defined as “texting while driving” ... we are missing an opportunity to make a dent in the 6 million annual crashes in the US.
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