The Health and Wellness BlogosphereFor the past week or so I’ve been knee-deep in blogs: gardening, bird watching, food, arts & crafts, travel, pheasant hunting… the list goes on and on. And even in a medium where everyone wants to carve out their own niche, some of these blogs are incredibly specific. Do you want to read about a vegetable garden in the Netherlands and the adventures of neighborhood cats who frequent it? There’s a blog for that! Do you have an urge to grow chamomile in your backyard and brew your own tea? There’s a blog for that too! Someone actually takes the time to write about this and – apparently – someone out there is reading it, too.

As a young person who usually reads blogs about things like indy rock bands and French pop art, this is all very surprising! People well into retirement age are online and blogging about the things they care about, which tend to involve staying active, being creative, and living a healthy lifestyle. What’s encouraging about this is that there are already vast networks of people talking about the same things that we are here at Posit Science; they’re just not talking about it as much from a brain health perspective. That says to me that we at Posit Science have a unique chance to engage with these bloggers (or as I’ve dubbed them, “the Health and Wellness Blogosphere”) and show them how brain fitness can help them live a healthy, active lifestyle.