Biking in the cityI commute to work on my bicycle through downtown San Francisco every day rain or shine. It is more fun than sitting in a crowded bus or worse, driving in  rush hour traffic. However, riding a bike in the city can be dangerous. Drivers often fail to see me and pull out in front of me without warning. Pedestrians often step out into the road without noticing me. I improve the chance of being seen by wearing a bright yellow jacket during the day and by using lights on my bike in the dark. However, arguably the best way to reduce the risk of an accident is by riding defensively. Anticipating hazardous situations as early as possible and reacting to them quickly can help keep a rider safe. The ability to ride defensively is enhanced by having a visual system that can divide attention across a wide area of the visual field and process information quickly and accurately. I have been using our BrainHQ Visual Intensive training course for a number of years now and feel that it has been a tremendous help for negotiating potential hazards in the city. Although the effectiveness of the BrainHQ technology has been well established in multiple randomized controlled studies, it is re-assuring to directly experience these benefits in my own daily life.