Repair ... Reactivate ... RejuvenateRepair, Reactivate and Rejuvenate are all words I just came across while reading a magazine aimed at the more ‘sophisticated and achievement-oriented’ women of America.  Unfortunately these words were not in an article for brain fitness – although they could have been as that is what brain fitness exercises have been proven to achieve.   Instead the words were found in advertisements all promising to turn back the clock on the way we look.  A study report that women in America spend on average $12,000 per year on skin, cosmetics and hair presumably to make themselves feel good.

But what if women spent just a fraction of those dollars on rejuvenating their brains instead?  Can you imagine the benefits that would bring?  Brain fitness training can help people improve their confidence, self-esteem and quality of life.  Customers of Posit Science report feeling “rejuvenated,” “refreshed,” “reactivated.”   All things the beauty companies promise to do from the outside, brain fitness does from the inside.  And most important, 1. it works, 2. it lasts and 3. it actually makes your brain sharper.  And smart is truly beautiful!