Ch . . . Ch . . . Ch . . . ChangesHappy New Years folks!

There’s a lot of buzz about distracted driving these days.  Maybe it’s because we’re all so distracted that we don’t actually pay attention to the staggering statistics that illustrate what happens when you allow your eyes and mind to wander on the road. We work with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and they report between 4000 and 8000 crashes a day happen because of distracted driving.  I admit I’ve been scared straight.  I no longer use my cell phone while driving.  I program my GPS before I leave the driveway.  If my kids are arguing in the backseat, I’ll pull over rather than trying to referee while driving.  I don’t feel less productive; I feel safer and more focused behind the wheel.  I’m brain training too and I know that will help me more broadly.  However, eliminating the distractions feels like a strong step on the road to safety.