Feeling stressed? We have 10 ideas for you to help lessen it right now, with explanations and links to scientific research backing up these surefire stress busters. Which ones work for you?
1. Take a Hike: A study recently found that taking short walks in nature can help lower stress and improve well-being and cognitive health.
2. Knit Something: Research conducted in approximately 3,500 British adults found that those who knitted regularly reported feeling “happier and calmer” than non-knitters.
3. Eat Sushi :A lack of dietary omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to increase stress and anxiety and mess with cognitive function. Two of the best sources of Omega-3s are those tasty sushi staples, seaweed and salmon.
4. Pump Some Iron: Harvard researchers report that physical exercise can lower levels of stress hormones while boosting endorphins and other mood enhancing brain chemicals.
5. Visit a Museum: A Norwegian study found that men who regularly participate in cultural activities are happier and healthier than their less-cultured counterparts.
6. Try a Yoga Class: Yoga has been shown to increase GABA levels in the brain. GABA is a brain chemical that regulates mood, and people with low GABA levels experience increased stress and anxiety.
7. Go On Vacation: Vacations have been shown to lower risk for depression and contribute to better overall health and a sense of improved well-being.
8. Read a Book: Love to read? Good news: a 2009 study from Sussex University found that reading for just 6 minutes can reduce stress by almost 70%.
9. Train Your Brain: Dr. Michael Merzenich says, “training your brain’s attentional control can reduce stress and anxiety.” He recommends trying the BrainHQ Attention Suite exercises (2 of them are free exercises.)
10. Dance Your Heart Out: Did you know dancing can lower anxiety and reduce stress? It’s also a form of physical exercise (see #4) so the benefits may be two-fold.
If you want to share this information as an infographic, here it is! 
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