You may have seen headlines recently that said something like “Beer May Be Good For Your Brain” or “Drink Beer For a Sharper Brain.” In fact, when I first saw those headlines, I was hoping to dig into the study and be able to report on this fun finding here on this blog!

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as great as those headlines sound to the beer lovers among us, they are a gross distortion of what the study actually found.

What the researchers were looking at was a particular flavanoid antioxidant called xanthohumol that’s only found in hops, which are used to make beer. They gave young and old mice xanthohumol for 8 weeks and found that in the young mice, their spatial cognition and memory processes improved. Sounds good, right?

The catch: for a human to get that amount of the beneficial flavanoid from beer, you’d have to drink around 2,000 liters of beer per day. That’s roughly enough beer to fill up an average swimming pool!

The good news: if further studies continue to show that this compound is beneficial, scientists can try to extract the flavanoid from hops for medical use.

But in the meantime, go ahead enjoy a frosty brew – but not for the brain benefits.