Recent research from Monash University has found that a small daily intake of milk may help prevent stroke- at least in people who don’t normally consume dairy products.

The researchers used data from a group of nearly 4,000 Taiwanese people and categorized them across different properties. They found that small amounts of dairy–one serving per day–were associated with a reduce in cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Professor Emeritus Mark Wahlqvist, who led the study, noted “Those who ate no dairy had higher blood pressure, higher body mass index, and greater body fatness generally than other groups. But Taiwanese who included dairy food in their diet only three to seven times a week were more likely to survive than those who ate none.”

Wahlqvist notes that almost daily consumption, at the rate of five servings per week, appeared to be the most beneficial balance. One serving is equivalent to about a cup of milk, or roughly 2 ounces of cheese. He said, “A little [dairy] is beneficial and a lot is unnecessary.”

You can read more about the study here.