A group of Harvard scientists has developed new methods of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to look more closely inside the human brain. The resulting images are stunning!

Jan Wedeen, who developed one technique, says that up until now we’ve just been seeing “a shadow of [the brain’s] surfaces” and only now can we truly see the pathways of the brain. Jeff Lichtman, who came up with a related technique, has been using scans to trace connections between brain cells by tagging them with different colors.

Here are some of the gorgeous shots they’ve shared! Enjoy.

brain cellsbrain cells in vivid color

fibers of mouse brainfibers and cells in a mouse brain

grid of connections in a monkey3D image showing the grid-like structure of connections in a monkey brain

brain scan colorside view showing folds and fibers of brain

brain connectionscolorful brain cells and connectorsbrain wiringhigh-resolution image of brain wiring

brain cells side viewtop view map of brain cells and connections

brain cells and connectinostop view map of brain cells and connections