The holidays are here, and it’s time to think about gifts! This year, why not give a gift that really matters? Here is a list of our top seven recommendations for brainy gifts.

main-brainA Subscription to BrainHQ

This is the ultimate gift for brain health – a subscription to the premiere brain training site, offering dozens of clinically proven exercises you can do online or on your iPad. Exercises enhance memory, intelligence, people skills, attention, brain speed, and navigation.

Price: $96 for 1 year (including free copy of Soft-Wired), $59 for 6 month eGift, or $39 for 3 month eGift. Learn more or buy here.


sparkling-champagne-popping-cork A Bottle of Bubbly

Go ahead, pop that cork and pour yourself a glass – recent research has found that drinking champagne may give the brain a boost! Give a bottle or two for holiday fun and a healthier brain.

Price: $30 and up. See a list of the best champagnes under $50 here


brain-puzzle A Super-Hard Jigsaw Puzzle

If you ask Dr. Merzenich how he keeps his brain sharp, he will tell you that he does super-hard jigsaw puzzles! They help your brain practice mental rotation, memorization, and other cognitive skills. But they should be highly challenging for the most brain benefits.

Price: $10.99 and up. Browse these challenging puzzles at


doidgeA Brainy Book (or Two!) 

What could be better than learning about the wonderful brain and finding practical ways to improve it? We’ve created a list of our five favorite brain books right here as a start.

Price: variable; most under $20 each. See a list of our favorites, with Amazon links, here. 


mixed-nuts Something Nutty

One of the top foods for brain health: nuts. They may even help you live longer! Spiced, salty, sweet, or mixed – nuts are a delicious gift that offer brain benefits! In case you’re wondering, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts are the top nuts for brain health.

Price: $12.99 and up. Browse these nutty gifts at


ThinkFood_CoverThe ThinkFood Cookbook from AARP

This book is a collaboration between Posit Science, AARP, and 50 top food bloggers and offers delicious recipes that enhance and promote brain health.

Price: $19.95 paperback or $14.99 Kindle version. Learn more and buy here.


 learn-to-play-guitarMusic Lessons

The evidence is overwhelming – music lessons at any age are a great brain booster! Check your local classifieds or do a web search to find a music teacher or instrument shop and let the tunes flow.

Price: varies. Check your local classifieds or do a local web search for options.


Want even more ideas? 

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