Use BrainHQ to Enhance Abilities in a Foreign LanguageYou may know that training your brain at BrainHQ may help you improve your attention, memory, multitasking, listening, and more. But did you know it may also help you improve your skills in speaking and understanding a foreign language?

Many of the things that BrainHQ training improves are directly related to the comprehension and acquisition of language. When you can hear and distinguish sounds better and more quickly, you can improve your listening in both your native tongue and a foreign one. When your brain speed is faster, you can take in the information more quickly and respond to it more accurately. With a better memory, your foreign vocabulary will blossom and grow more securely. And when your attention is at its peak, your brain is primed for learning and hearing so you can get break past bonjour, ni hao, or guten tag to excel in whatever foreign language you choose.

Recommended Exercises

If you’re looking to amp up your performance in a foreign language, we recommend you try the following BrainHQ exercises:

  • Start with a few rounds of Freeze Frame to prime the brain for learning. It will target both tonic and phasic alertness to get your brain ready for what’s coming next.
  • Work on your memory, fluid intelligence, and brain speed with To Do List Training, Sound Sweeps, and Auditory Ace.
  • Finally, challenge your brain to distinguish sounds with increasing speed and accuracy. Exercises like Syllable Stacks and Fine Tuning are great ones to try.

Case Study: Arthur Marquis

People have reported success with BrainHQ to supplement and enhance their foreign language learning. For example, 61-year-old Arthur Marquis trained his brain to help him learn to speak and understand French. He says, “At my retirement party I said, ‘one of my goals is to see the world differently… I had never learned a foreign language although I had taken some French in junior high school.” He noted that although his memory was very good, he found himself struggling to distinguish the subtle accents and tones that make French such a tough language to pick up. That is, until he started developing his cognitive hearing skills with brain training.

“When I would listen to French TV or podcasts, it would just be this mishmash of sounds. It was very frustrating for me,” he said. “Now when I listen to that stuff, I hear the distinct words. And that’s a great feeling too, because although I may not know a specific word, I can go back and look it up later.”

Since then, Arthur has gone to a French-speaking country every year to spend a few weeks taking classes and immersing himself in the language. So far he’s been to Paris and Marseilles in France, and Montreux in Switzerland. Next up: he is planning a trip to Montreal.

Have you used BrainHQ to help yourself learn a foreign language? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments!