Introducing BrainHQ, the New Online Brain Fitness Center from Posit ScienceDoes it drive you crazy when you can’t remember where you put your keys? You probably weren’t paying much attention when you set them down. Each of the exercises in our Attention suite helps retrain the brain to focus its attention, so you feel more aware and less distracted.

To learn more about how our BrainHQ Attention exercises work specifically to improve your memory, you can click on the titles below to learn about each one. You can also try a few of them for free!

  • Divided Attention pushes your brain to speed up its ability to attend to the right information while ignoring the wrong information–because a key facet of focus and attention is learning that dismissing what doesn’t matter is just as important as noticing what does.    >>> Try Divided Attention now!
  • Target Tracker is designed to help build up your divided attention and multi-tasking by requiring you to track several items moving around your screen at the same time.     >>> Try Target Tracker now!
  • Double Decision uses a uniquely proven technology to extend useful field of view and extend what you see and react to in your peripheral vision.
  • Mixed Signals challenges you to learn to control your attention very quickly, even when your brain is distracted by competing information.

To find out about other kinds of brain training exercises that target memory, people skills, and more – you can read about them here. To try other BrainHQ exercises for free, visit