Mouth Guards and Chin Straps to Predict Concussion Risk in Real-Time?We’ve written about the high incidence of debilitating concussions related to sports like football and ice hockey on this blog before. We could easily write about other sports that can injure your head, like boxing or skiing. Many people debate what the best way to deal with sports-related brain injuries might be. One of the biggest problems is the inadequacy of real-time knowledge about the severity of the injury, which can lead to reinjury and worse outcomes for the affected player.

A few interesting products are being bandied about to try and solve this problem. A newly designed chin strap promises to measure impact and indicate probability of concussion with a colored LED light, but many are skeptical that the chin is a good predictor of brain impact. And researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have been busy making prototypes of athletic mouth guards that do roughly the same thing, albeit in a more sophisticated manner. While this field is obviously still in its infancy, it’s interesting to see innovators putting their minds to this problem and coming up with creative approaches to try and solve it.