When Toddlers Have Talents Far Beyond Their YearsThere are quite a few videos out there of little kids doing things at an extremely advanced level, given their age.
Like this one, where a girl who’s not yet two years shows she knows the world map better than most adults, from Zimbabwe to Ecuador. (It’s pretty amazing.)

Or there’s this video, showing a 3-year-old boy’s incredible penchant for making elaborate and detailed finger paintings.  (Especially incredible if you think of a regular 3-year-old’s finger paintings.)

And this one, showing a 4-year-old who can really drum!

I don’t know what, exactly, drives the brain to master skills like these in young children.  Did they just inherit special talents? Is it that they love these activities so much they practice more than other kids–or alternatively, do they have a level of focus that’s better than most kids? Or do they have really tough parents who make them drill and practice? Whatever the cause of these impressive skills, you can be sure the brains of the kids in these videos are wired differently from the average tot’s! What do you think?