Simple, Clear Advice from Harvard Health on Protecting MemoryI ran across a very clear explanation from Harvard Health about how to protect the brain’s abilities. (Note: that link is a summary press release; to get the full report, you can purchase it here.) They talk about building your “brain bank” by challenging your mind and staying physically active.  It’s great to see a simple recommendation for what people can do to give them the best chance of maintaining the brain even as its performance is threatened by factors such as age, injury, or disease.

The article recommends building this “brain bank” by “engaging with intellectually stimulating activities.” This is directly in line with what we do at Posit Science: we design brain training exercises that stimulate the brain to use its own capabilities to change, resulting in neuroprotection and improved cognition. We have created in-depth resources to help you learn more about brain plasticity and enable you to find out how Posit Science uses principles of brain plasticity to design clinically proven brain training software.