SharpBrains Innovation Awards and Posit Science Technology I was excited to listen as Alvaro Fernandez presented the SharpBrain Brain Fitness Innovation Awards at the end of May.  Four out of the top 10 finalists used Posit Science technology, including Allstate whose effort with us was described as:

… a “proof of concept” for what may turn out to be a significant effort by Allstate to prevent injuries and save lives, enable older people to maintain their independence longer and provide peace of mind to adult children faced with difficult decisions as parents age.

And that effort showed the following impressive outcome:

The most important reduction was in insured losses and resulting injuries, trauma and disruption to the lives of those involved in auto collisions. After observing the accident behavior of those who completed the Posit program, relative to a well selected control group, Allstate saw a measurable decline that was statistically valid.

The other folks in the top 10 that are partners or customers of Posit Science included:

  • AAA’s program with their club network, to bring their mission of driver safety to more people through providing discounts on DriveSharp to members and launching a free on-line assessment of cognitive ability related driving.
  •  St. Luke’s brain fitness center, for a holistic approach to brain health across the spectrum of brain function.
  • Oakland Unified School District’s adult ed program, for bringing the benefits of brain fitness to a wide range of people from different socio-economic backgrounds.

We’re excited that these institutions were recognized for their work in bringing this impactful brain science to their communities.