Brain Games vs. Brain ExercisesThere’s a lot of buzz around the office every time we release a new brain game.  In order to give people a taste of brain fitness, we’ve been creating fast, fun games built around different pieces of science, i.e., the Stroop effect or the  N-back test.  It’s a great way to play a little and learn a little, too.  You can find a whole page of our free brain games on the Brain Connection site.  And hey, please feel free to help us spread the word and share these with your friends.

However, brain games are not the same as brain training exercises.  At Posit Science, we’re rather proud to make the distinction.  We like to think about brain training just like working out a gym.  The weights and cardio machines are there for a purpose.  Some exercises you like, and some you may enjoy less, but you do them all because they each serve a different purpose.  Our brain fitness programs are built on scientifically proven stimuli and progressions to make them effective, and then wrapped in a game to make them more engaging.  Just as personal trainer keeps your workout productive and pushes you to do a bit more, our brain fitness programs adapt to your level and keep you training at peak efficiency. Perhaps you’re having a tough day or didn’t sleep well last night; our brain training programs flex just like a good coach.  Games don’t have that kind of intelligence built in.