Unconstrain Your Brain

I'm always looking for another justification for going on vacation and leaving work behind. Fortunately, Jonah Lehrer, a fabulous science…
Chronic pain

Physical Pain and Emotional Pain

I usually think of of physical pain and emotional pain as fairly separate phenomena. Physical pain is caused by certain…
Evolution of the Brain

Neanderthal Brains, Human Brains

There's a lot of debate around the similarities and differences between humans and Neanderthals. Were Neanderthals truly a different species…

Why Do We Vote?

Tomorrow many of us will head out and hit the polls, if we haven't already mailed in our absentee ballots.…
Evolution of the Brain

Studying Sea Slugs?

Do you ever read about a study that's received a million dollar grant and think, "Who would spend a million…
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