Just Google It? Not So Fast, Say ScientistsThere was a great article in the London Telegraph recently on what Google (and other search engines) are doing to our brains. The article suggests that using search engines instead of thinking through answers may be harmful to our brains. BrainHQ’s co-founder and chief scientist Dr. Michael Merzenich was quoted in the article. Here’s his take on the issue:

“It would be one thing if the ill effects went away as soon as we turned off our computers and mobiles. But they don’t.

“The cellular structure of the human brain, scientists have discovered, adapts readily to the tools we use to find, store and share information. By changing our habits of mind, each new technology strengthens certain neural pathways and weakens others.

“The alterations shape the way we think even when we’re not using the technology.”

So next time you can’t figure something out, spend a little time thinking about it before going straight to Google. Your brain will thank you.