Easter Seals Teams with Posit Science to Offer Free Brain TrainingWe are proud to announce that Easter Seals is teaming up with Posit Science to offer free brain training exercises. Quoting Easter Seals CEO James E. Williams, Jr., “Imagine a world where people could protect, rehabilitate, improve or enhance brain function and better manage or address chronic conditions like attention deficit disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression, addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and many more… this is the vision behind Easter Seals’ new partnership with Posit Science.”

Why is Easter Seals a good match for Posit Science? Our missions and goals are closely aligned. For almost a century, Easter Seals has worked to help people of all ages improve their health, and while tirelessly advocating to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy independence, equal rights, and a life free from discrimination. Each year, they serve over one million people living with disabilities or special needs. Now, they are adding new services to specifically target people with cognitive issues and neurological challenges, including active military, veterans, seniors, and youth who experience sports-related and other injuries. These service goals dovetail beautifully with Posit Science’s mission, which is to apply breakthroughs in brain research to enhance human performance and to promote brain health and to be the leading provider of scientifically validated brain health programs.

To learn more, you can read this press release about the partnership. You can try the Easter Seals brain training challenge by visiting the Easter Seals website and looking for the box that says “Take the free Easter Seals Train your Brain Challenge with Posit Science!”