Unconstrain Your BrainI’m always looking for another justification for going on vacation and leaving work behind. Fortunately, Jonah Lehrer, a fabulous science writer, has just given me another one: while away from the office in body and mind I’m more likely to solve difficult work-related problems.

As Lehrer explains:

“[P]erceptions of distance (and the distance can be geographical, temporal or even probabilistic) dramatically influence the way we think…things that feel close get contemplated in concrete, literal terms while things that feel far away allow us to think in more abstract ways.”

The result? When you’re in places that are close to your work, your creative thinking is constrained by the environment. When you are in a new place, your mind can cast a wider net for possible solutions–and might just come up with the perfect one.

I encourage you to read Lehrer’s blog post on the topic!