A Posit-Powered Skiing ChampionIt turns out Posit Science doesn’t just help people recover from debilitating conditions, but actually has the potential to produce superhuman athletes. Take Dave Demko, the professional skiing competitor who has used our programs (along with rigorous physical exercise and training) to beat people more than half his age (just enter his name in the search and see what pops up). Demko has used the Brain Fitness Program, the InSight program, and his own tenacity to become ranked among the top 15 competitors in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey aged 16 to 25. By the way- did I mention that he’s 57?

To me, the coolest thing about Demko’s accomplishments is that he’s not a life-long skier like most of his younger competitors: he had to learn after his brain had matured, which is why using our programs were a natural fit for him. Of course, skiing requires immense physical endurance and muscle memory, but it also requires a massive amount of focus, visual processing, and above all, reaction time. Our programs are scientifically proven to help strengthen all of those areas.

This got me thinking. Maybe the next frontier Posit Science needs to enter is athletics. So many sports are equal parts physical endurance and mental agility. A tennis player can win with a powerhouse serve, but he or she also needs to be able to mentally process where the ball is going and react quickly enough to get there. Our most celebrated athletes have had jaw-dropping physicality and grace, but they also know how to out-think their opponents by thinking ahead. It doesn’t just have to be older or later learning athletes like Dave Demko; Posit Science programs could benefit anyone trying to increase their reaction time. So, here’s an open invitation to all athletes: if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you may want to check out our programs before someone like Demko leaves you in the dust.